Arizona's Champion Trees

In the case of Arizona's Champion Trees, Bigger is Better! Champion Trees are those determined to be the largest of their species in the state and in many cases across the nation. Their height, circumference and spread each contribute to their magnificence as they represent the great state of Arizona and the communities in which they reside in a BIG way!

Trees nominated as Champion Trees in Arizona are forwarded to American Forests' National Big Tree Program for consideration as National Champions.

There are many different species of trees in Arizona that do not currently have a champion. Our goal is to have all tree species represented within Arizona!


Current Champion Trees are provided in the table below (under development). Arizona has 86 National Champion Trees, and we accept nominations at any time. Contact us if you have questions about this program or if you would like to learn how to become a "Champion Tree Hunter".


Picture Common Name Scientific Name Score Status
Acacia, Twisted Acacia tortuosa  106 National Champion
Alder, Arizona Alnus oblongifolia 278 State Co-Champion
Alder, Arizona Alnus oblongifolia 281 State Co-Champion
Ash, Fragrant Fraxinus cuspidata 95 National Champion
Ash, Velvet Fraxinus velutina 366 National Champion
Buckthorn, California Rhamnus californica 67 National Champion
Buckthorn, Hollyleaf Rhamnus crocea 73 National Champion
Cherry, Bitter Prunus emarginata 45 National Champion
Cherry, Black Prunus serotina 215 National Champion
Cottonwood, Fremont Populus fremontii 696 National Champion
Crucifixion Thorn Canotia holacantha 127 National Champion
Cypress, Arizona Cupressus arizonica var. arizonica  349 National Champion
Cypress, Arizona Smooth Cupressus arizonica var.glabra 298 National Champion
Elephant Tree Bursera microphylla  57 National Champion
Hackberry, Netleaf Celtis reticulata 184 State Champion
Hawthorn, Cerro Crataegus erythropoda 39 National Champion
Hophornbeam, Knowlton Ostrya knowltonii 184 National Champion
 Ironwood, Desert Olneya tesota  250 National Co-Champion
Juniper, Alligator Juniperus deppeana 383 National Co-Champion
Juniper, California Juniperus californica 193 National Champion
Juniper, Oneseed Juniperus monosperma 165 National Champion
Lotebush Ziziphus obtusifolia 49 National Champion
Manzanita Arctostaphylos pringlei 113 National Champion
Maple, Bigtooth Acer grandidentatum 275 National Champion
Mesquite, Screwbean Prosopis pubescens 75 National Champion
Oak, Arizona White Quercus arizonica 268 National Champion
Oak, Gambel Quercus gambelii 341 National Champion
Palo Verde, Blue Parkinsonia florida 152 National Champion
Palo Verde, Yellow Parkinsonia microphylla 106 National Champion
Pine, Chihuahua Pinus leiophylla var. chihuahuana 220.5 Pending National Champion
Pine, Singleleaf Pinyon Pinus monophylla var. fallax 196 National Champion
Serviceberry, Utah Amelanchier utahensis 41 National Champion
Silktassel, Wright Garrya wrightii 59 National Champion
Sumac, Sugar Rhus ovata 111 National Co-Champion
Sycamore, Arizona Platanus wrightii 504 National Champion
Walnut, Arizona Juglans major 318 National Champion
Willow, Geyer Salix geyeriana 27 National Champion
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